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The Best Black Silverware Sets in 2021

The Best Black Silverware Sets in 2021

Who hasn't experienced this? You look forward to a nice piece of cake or a juicy piece of meat, but then you have no cake fork or the knife does not cut properly. Other times, you want to cook and eat comfortably with friends and realize that you have too little or the wrong cutlery at home.

To prevent this from happening to you at home in the future, we have created an overview of what black silverware is available and how you can find the right black flatware for you.


Best Black Silverware Sets


Tucassa Flatware Set

Help your guests with their thirst and hunger at your next event. The Tucassa flatware will look just as beautiful on the table as it feels in their hands.

The Tucassa Flatware set with pieces includes knives, forks, spoons and coffee spoons for serving drinks and meal courses. These stainless steel silverware is perfect for even formal occasions or parties because of its sleek design and shiny finish. Not only does this suite complete with elegance taste good to you, but they're light weight too!



Napoli Luxury Flatware Set

The Napoli Luxury Flatware is crafted from 18/10 stainless steel for years of quality use. These beautiful pieces are perfect for your formal table setting and complete the look with their superior shine and excellent craftsmanship. The handles offer a luxurious, modern style that you'll love to bring out from cabinet storage. It's dishwasher safe too! What more could you ask for? Add this elegant set to your dinnerware round-up at the next social event!


Switzerland Luxury Flatware Set

Our Switzerland Luxury Flatware Set includes 24 pieces for a professional and elegant look. It is the perfect set to be used at diners, corporate events, formal dinners or any other event that requires high quality utensils.

The sleek black color adds modern flare and will highlight your table decor! Your guests will feel like they're dining in an upscale restaurant with this beautiful flatware!


Stockholm Flatware Set

The Stockholm flatware is a perfect addition to your must-have collection of tabletop essentials. Each piece is made from 304 stainless steel, making it durable and easy to clean. The mirrored handles have the sophistication you crave in everyday eating - or any time food needs a tasteful setting!


Graziana Royal Flatware Set

Graziana Royal Flatware Set is a luxurious, modern flatware set that's perfect for elegant dining. The premium 18/10 stainless steel makes this an unparalleled choice- strong and resistant to everything from rusting, chipping, and tarnishing. Along with matching the beauty of fine crystal dinnerwear or hand-painted dinner sets, Graziana Royal Flatware will ensure every occasion is marked by the finest ambiance imaginable.


Fredrik Flatware Set

Fredrik Flatware is the perfect gift for family, friends, and colleagues. This range of cutlery will not only enhance your table setting, but also provide you with a lifetime of luxury.

The stainless steel gives way to beautiful high quality finishes that are strong enough for everyday use while providing an attractive appearance at the same time. Plus this set includes 24 pieces so you have plenty of options without having to buy additional pieces separately!


Eleganza Flatware Set

The Eleganza Flatware Set is perfect for those who want elegance and sophistication without the hassle of other heavy flatware. The shiny black handles can't go unnoticed, as they accent any table setting because of how stunning they are juxtaposed to the gold color.

Overall this stylish set will make you feel like a true royalty, without eating off of shiny plastic ware that breaks after going through the dishwasher once.

How much cutlery do you need?

Whether for the single kitchen or the big feast with all the relatives: There is a suitable cutlery set for every size household. Buying a set of cutlery is more common and practical than buying individual pieces of cutlery. Most often, cutlery is sold in sets of 4, 12, 24, 30 and 68 pieces.

In addition to several knives, forks and spoons, a larger cutlery set also includes smaller coffee spoons and cake forks.

For a normal household, 6 or 12 forks, knives, spoons as well as coffee and cake cutlery and the most important serving pieces are recommended. This is enough for both several meals of 1-2 people and you are so well equipped for the visit of several guests.

Depending on your eating habits and preferences, it may make sense to purchase special cutlery for fish or steak.


How Do You Store Your Cutlery?

Especially with high-quality cutlery, you should definitely think about the right storage and not just throw everything together in the drawer. This will damage the material in the long run and it will lose its shine.

Cutlery bags are special storage options for your cutlery that you are not currently using. This way you can preserve the shine of your silverware without having to constantly reach for the polishing towel. In addition, cutlery bags protect your designer cutlery from scratches and stains.

Each cutlery bag is equipped with multiple compartments and pockets for secure storage of your knife, fork and spoon. After filling them with your flatware, you can easily roll them up and store them in a drawer to save space.

There are cutlery pockets in different sizes and combinations of compartments. An ordinary cutlery pocket can hold approx. 12 pieces, i.e. approx. 6 pairs of knives and forks.

A cutlery bag can also hold only one or two pieces of cutlery and is a popular way to pass the cutlery around the table. Such a cutlery bag for knives and forks can also be easily made from a napkin.


How Do You Set The Cutlery Correctly?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at large banquets with several courses and don't know which cutlery belongs where when setting the table? Don't panic, the principle behind it is actually quite simple:

Cutlery that you will use with your left hand will go to the left of the plate, those that you will use with your right hand will be placed on the other side. The cutlery that will be used first is placed on the outside. Cutlery for dessert is placed on top of the plate, with the spoon handle to the right and the fork handle to the left.

Otherwise, you can also serve each course separately so that there is not too much cutlery on the table.


How To Place Cutlery After Eating

While this is not important at home during "dinner for one", there are two positions that you should know when visiting a restaurant.

The "20 after 8" position - "I'm taking a break".
If the knife and fork are arranged in a triangle, at the eighth hour and the twentieth minute - in other words, at 8:20 o'clock - you show the waiter or waitress that you are taking a break, but still want to continue eating. This prevents your plate from being cleared prematurely.

The "20 after 4" position - "I'm done".
The knife and fork are placed parallel to each other on the plate clock. The handles point down to the right - figuratively speaking, four o'clock. The knife represents the hour hand pointing to the fourth hour, and the fork lies as the minute hand on the twentieth minute - twenty past four. By placing your cutlery in this way, you are indicating that your plate can now be cleared.

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