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The Best Gold Cutlery Sets in 2021

The Best Gold Cutlery Sets in 2021

When we think of a color for cutlery, probably most of us will think of silver. However, nowadays you can find utensils of many different colors to match with other elements on the table.

If you want a change from the traditional silverware, buying gold cutlery is an excellent option. Gold is luxurious, elegant, and modern style.

Here we will detail the best gold cutlery set that we offer and that our customers prefer. Besides, in the end, we will also talk about what things you should take into account when buying cutlery.

So continue reading and do not miss all that we have prepared for you:


Best Gold Cutlery Sets

Below we will describe our best-selling gold cutlery sets. We are sure you will find the best set for your dinner table.


Véronique Gold Flatware Set


This elegant and timelessly beautiful flatware set is the perfect centerpiece to any table occasion. Made of 18/10 steel with a gold finish, these pieces are as formidable as they are sophisticated. These utensils will be there for you from ballroom dinners to everyday family meals.

Arrange a long table for an extravagant formal dinner or gather on the couch around a modest coffee table - Véronique Gold Flatwear Set can flush up any space quickly and elegantly.


Complete table setting:


Milano Luxury Flatware Set


It's beautiful. It's classy. It's everything you could ever need to pamper your table and impress guests with your minimalist yet worldly taste in flatware. With this sleek set that will last for the ages, it is chic at its finest! Bonus points as they're gold - for it is luxury after all!

Complete table setting:


Picassa Flatware Set


Introducing the Picasso Flatware Set, a high-fashion set set for all your meals. With its gorgeous gold finish and long handles, this flatware adds a touch of sophistication to any meal. Gold isn't just for jewelry! Big or small, this flatware is meant to be used with ease while you enjoy life's best moments. 

Complete table setting:


Firenze Luxury Flatware Set


Spruce up your favorite kitchen with some gorgeous flatware.

Our Firenze Flatware Set includes 36 or 72 pieces, including a soup spoon for savory eats, dessert spoon made to tackle your favorite sweets, 18/10 stainless steel that will never taint no matter how high the dishwashing setting is set at on the dishwasher.

The electroplated finish lasts long enough to be entrusted with dinner parties of 36 guests-the perfect size!

Complete table setting:


Venice Royal Flatware Set


You'll love this Venetian flatware set for its design reminiscent of Italian royalty, plus it's sturdy construction and long-lasting electroplated finish. It includes 24 or 48 pieces - just right to serve at any gathering on your family table.

Complete table setting:


Ercole Flatware Set


The Ercole flatware set is designed for convenience. The plain style is comfortable but familiar, perfect for an everyday use that transitions seamlessly into the holidays. The gold plating offers protection against tarnishing and corrosion so you can enjoy your flatware set year after year.

Complete table setting:


Treviso Royal Flatware Set


This elegant flatware set looks amazing on any table setting, and is made to last due to its 18/10 stainless steel construction. After you wash it in the dishwasher, it will come out shining like new with this gold mirror finish. This lovely fork has pleasant looking curved tines so they are perfect for serving all sorts of food including appetizers and salads. As durable as it is stylish, count on the Treviso Royal Flatware Set to make sure your guests keep coming back!

Complete table setting:


Quick Guide: Buy a Cutlery Set


Choose a fancy but functional design

Nowadays, we can find hundreds of different designs and shapes of utensils. From the most classic designs to modern and elegant flatware. There is something for all tastes and styles.

We recommend you to look at the plates you have in your kitchen and use them as a starting point. However, do not forget you use the flatware every day, at every meal, so functionality is an important factor.


Be careful when choosing the material

Buying a flatware set is not always cheap, especially when you want it to last in good condition for as long as possible. That is why we recommend you choose stainless steel for your cutlery and kitchen utensils.

It is a sturdy material that allows utensils to be easily washed in the dishwasher and will prevent easy bending and warping.

When you go to buy the flatware, you will see in the description something similar to this: 18/10, 18/8, and 18/0. This represents the amount of chromium (first number) and nickel (second number) in the flatware.


Take into account the number of pieces

Let’s start saying that the flatware can come either individually, or on a set. Sets generally have four basic utensils: a knife, a spoon, a teaspoon, and a fork.

Here on our website, you will find sets of 4, 16, 24, 48, or 72 pieces. The suggestion is to get more than what you need and keep in a safe and dry place the utensils you are not using. Then, if you have guests coming home, you have plenty of utensils for everyone.

We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you to choose the best cutlery set for your home. Besides, we detailed our favorite and best-selling gold cutlery sets that will enhance your dinner table. Do not forget to choose the one that fits your needs, style, and budget.

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